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San Diego’s trusted name in Mobile, On-site / In Home PC Computer repair. Welcome to a Geek 2 Go Computer Repair. We have been providing the most dependable and speedy computer repair services for over a decade. Bad VIRUS? Mal ware? Up Grades? Trojan? Our expert technicians provide service around the clock. We are always ready to serve you. All work is guaranteed! If we don’t fix your problem, you don’t pay. In MOST Cases we FIX your problem for less than the Big Boys charge just to LOOK at your PC in your home and that is before they perform ANY repairs. Call or email today. You can’t afford not to. Did you know that 80% of PC’s that are thrown out DO NOT need to be? BE GREEN, REVIVE YOUR MACHINE! Did you know the same number of machines that are “SLOW,” “FROZEN,” or fatally attacked by a virus really just need a Tune-up and Optimization performed by a professional, or require other software or hardware upgrades that cost you MUCH less than a new machine? Many Laptops and Computers can run like new for as little as $39.99! Most users can extend the useful life of their machines 5 years or more for less than $200.00!!!